Combined Aerial & Ground Program

Have you had issues in the past ensuring that all needed treatment areas are covered? The combined areal and ground program is one of Noxious Vegetation Control’s specialties. We have a dedicated project coordinator on staff that works with both the aerial crews and the ground crews to ensure that all needed areas are treated. You will no longer have an issue managing what your ground contractors and aerial contractors cover. With a one company approach ensures that you wont have problems with double applications or in the worst case where neither contractor applied because they assumed someone else would do it.

We always begin our combined project with a detail oriented site diagnosis and work plan to ensure the treatment options will provide the best control and the least frustration to all involved stakeholders. Before the work even begins the aerial crews and ground crews all know what they are responsible for, and this insures efficient, quick application.

This program is perfect for a utility that has rights-of-way traversing both rural and residential areas. The aerial crews typically cover all rural/hard access areas, and the ground crews concentrate on road crossings and residential areas.